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      List of Massage Video Clips

      Here is the list of massage clips I have:

      Or watch them individually here:
      Abdominal Massage Techniques #1
      Acupressure Massage Techniques #1 4 Minutes
      Acupuncture Techniques #1 1 Minutes
      Arm and Hand Massage Techniques #1
      Arm and Hand Massage Techniques #2
      Arm and Hand Massage Techniques #3
      Arm and Hand Massage Techniques #4
      Arm and Hand Massage Techniques #5
      Arm and Hand Massage Techniques #6
      Aromatherapy Techniques #1 1 Minutes
      Ashiatsu Massage Techniques #1 21 Minutes
      Ashiatsu Massage Techniques #2 50 Minutes
      Back Massage Techniques #1 31 Minutes
      Back Massage Techniques #2 33 Minutes
      Back Massage Techniques #3 31 Minutes
      Back Massage Techniques #4 32 Minutes
      Back Massage Techniques #5 16 Minutes
      Back Massage Techniques #6 11 Minutes
      Back Massage Techniques #7 24 Minutes
      Bamboo Massage Techniques #1 16 Minutes
      Chair Massage Techniques #1 10 Minutes
      Chair Massage Techniques #2 21 Minutes
      Chair Massage Techniques #3 11 Minutes
      Chair Stretching Techniques #1 7 Minutes
      Charting / Intake Form #1 2 Minutes
      Energywork Techniques #1 6 Minutes
      Face Massage Techniques #1
      Face Massage Techniques #2
      Face Massage Techniques #3
      Face Massage Techniques #4
      Face Massage Techniques #5
      Face Massage Techniques #6
      Face Massage Techniques #7
      Gua sha Techniques #1
      Hot Towel Massage Techniques #1
      Kinesio Tape Techniques #1
      Leg Massage Techniques #1
      Leg Massage Techniques #2
      Leg Massage Techniques #3

      Leg Massage Techniques #4

      Leg Massage Techniques #5

      Leg Massage Techniques #6

      Massage Cupping Techniques #1
      Massage Tool Techniques #1
      Moxibustion Techniques #1
      Mud Therapy Techniques #1
      Pillow Massage Techniques #1
      Salt Scrub Techniques #1
      Side Lying Massage Techniques #1
      Spa Brushing Techniques #1 3 Minutes
      Sports Massage Techniques #1 22 Minutes
      Stone Massage Techniques #1 32 Minutes
      Table Stretching Techniques #1
      T.E.N.S. Unit Techniques #1

      Customized Stock Video Options

      I have two different options:
      1. The short massage video clips without my logo.
      2. The short massage video clips without my logo (Your logo “OR” text added to the beginning of the videos).

      *The text and music in the videos can’t be changed.
      *Please allow 3-4 business days for me to complete your videos.

      No Logo “OR” Text added to Stock Videos

      Your Logo “OR” Text added to Stock Videos

      All Stock Massage Videos

      Here are all my Stock Videos:
      1 Massage Therapy Is Your Best Defense
      2 Benefits of Massage Therapy?
      3 Are You Stressed?
      4 Break Free
      5 Call for an appointment today
      6 Can this get any better
      7 Massage Is Music To The Body
      8 Get A Massage Because That Is What Your Massage Therapist Ordered
      9 Get In Balance With Massage Therapy
      10 GOT PAIN
      11 Got You Covered
      12 Hacking Good Day
      13 Happy Holidays
      14 I Heart Massage
      15 It’s A Jungle Out There
      16 Life Passing You By
      17 No Luck Needed Finding The Right Therapist
      18 Looking For A Massage
      19 Massage Therapy Rocks
      20 Pain Relief is just a click away
      21 Nothing Is Better Than Getting A Massage
      22 Ride The Wave
      23 Say No To Pain. Say Yes To Massage Therapy
      24 Schedule your massage appointment today
      25 The Last Thing Your Pain Sees
      26 Tired Feet
      27 Try Massage
      28 Want to take your health to the the next level
      29 Warm Up Your Muscles with…
      30 Who Loves Massage
      31 Your Body Deserves It
      32 Looking For  A Great  Massage  Therapist?
      33 The only thing my phone can’t do
      34 Sticks and Stones may break my bones
      35 Treat Your Soles Today
      36 Knead Some Heat
      37 Call Me Maybe
      38 A Bright Idea
      39 When Was The  Last Time You Had Your Rhythm Checked?
      40 Pain Relief On The Go
      41 Massage Therapy Scenery
      42 YES! It Feels as Good as it Looks!
      43 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
      44 Deep-Tissue Massage
      45 It Doesn’t Have To Hurt
      46 We can only learn to massage by massaging.
      47 AhhhMassage
      48 How Bad Do You KNEAD One?
      49 the spa is to the body what laughter is to the soul
      50 Can’t see the massage through the trees?
      51 Don’t Break The Bank
      52 Don’t Get Stressed
      53 You Heart Massage Therapy
      54 Time To Schedule Another Massage
      55 Rub It, Rub It
      56 just breathe
      57 Three things cannot be long hidden- the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
      58 Choose a job you love, and you will  never have to work a day in your life.
      59 Success
      60 “May this massage therapist be with you”
      61 Check Out My Special
      62 You Can Layaway On My Massage Table
      63 Filmstrip 1
      64 Filmstrip 2
      65 Picture 1
      66 Pictures 2
      67 To Do List
      68 Massage Therapy Oldest Form Of Medicine
      69 You Can’t Get A Massage Through Your Phone
      70 Are You Knotty?
      71 Let Me Take Care Of Your Pain With My Steamroller
      72 I’ve got the perfect  coverage for you
      73 100% organic massage
      74 Maintenance Alleviate Serene Soothing At peace Great Essential
      75 Massage Therapies
      76 Massage is like Bamboo
      77 Does Everything Around You Feel Like A Time-lapse
      78 What Is Massage Therapy?
      79 Massage Phone
      80 Massage Pictures 3
      81 Massage Computer
      82 Foot Massage Computer Screen
      83 Tablet Massage
      84 Massage Therapy can NEVER be replaced by computers
      85 Relax, Renew, Revive, Refresh, Revitalize, Rejuvenate 86 Chair Massage
      87 Relaxation Massage 88 Old Massage
      89 Scapula
      90 Chair Frames
      91 Filmstrip Face 92 There is always a layaway plan on my massage table
      93 People Love My Massages
      94 Yin and Yang
      95 Yin and Yang 2
      96 Yin and Yang 4
      97 Massage Therapy Heart
      98 Heartbeat Coffee 99 Massage Billboard
      100 Are You Shopping For A New Massage Therapist?
      101 Hot Stone Massage calming, peaceful, serene, soothing, restful, tranquil, warmth
      102 Want To Try Something Different?
      103 Massage Therapy Is Here For You
      104 I Need…GlidingFrictionPercussionSTAT
      105 Let Me Take Care Of Your Panes
      106 My Checklist
      107 Wouldn’t A Massage Feel Great Right About…
      108 Happiness is…
      109 Columbus sailed to the new world to find the perfect massage…
      110 Legal Hacking
      111 Wish You Were Here?
      112 How can you get legally stoned?
      113 The Gift That Keeps On Giving
      114 I‘ve Have The Right Tool For Every Job!
      115 Sticks and Stones
      116 You will never be able to feel a rainbow…
      117 You don’t have to travel far for your own OASIS
      118 Stocks will go up and down
      119 The answer is not GREY, whether you should try massage…
      120 You make me want to become a better massage therapist
      121 Start Them Young
      122 Want- Buy one, get one free?
      123 Pain Fears Me
      124 Watching a massage is ALMOST as relaxing as receiving one.
      125 When in Rome, do as the Romans do
      126 Break The Ice
      127 I Won’t Rub You The Wrong Way
      128 The Best Rule Of Thumb For Receiving A Massage
      129 Saved By The Bell
      130 You Will Never Get Cold Shoulders From Me
      131 More Pain Relief Than You Can Shake a Stick At
      132 Practice Makes Perfect!
      133 A Rolling Stone
      134 A friend in KNEAD
      135 Experience is something you don’t get
      136 No KNEAD to reinvent the wheel
      137 Are you getting the short end of the stick?
      138 I’m Late, I’m Late for a very important
      139 Over the river and through the woods
      140 I’m “Head Over Heels” for
      141 You should go out on a limb and get a
      142 Lend Me Your Ear
      143 Good things come to those who wait
      144 Great Minds Think Alike
      145 History repeats itself…
      146 Home is where the heart is
      147 It ain’t over till the…
      148 It is better to give than to receive
      149 It takes two to tango
      150 It’s the early bird that catches the worm
      151 My mom always said
      152 If laughter is the best medicine
      153 Let sleeping dogs lie
      154 Life is what you make it
      155 Life is just a bowl of cherries
      156 Do unto others as you would have them do to you
      157 Pain In The Neck
      158 Every picture tells a story
      159 Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
      160 PAIN CAN’T HIDE
      161 Reflexology 162 Massage Therapy
      163 Bamboo Massage
      164 Massage Therapy Pillars
      165 Rotating Leg Massage
      166 The Power of Massage
      167 Massage Oasis 168 Relaxation
      169 Sole Massage
      170 Total Relaxation
      171 Floating Massage Therapy
      172 For people that are always on the go…
      173 Rise Above The Clouds
      174 It’s Time For Your Massage
      175 If you can’t be good, be careful
      176 If you can’t beat em, join em
      177 If life deals you lemons, make lemonade
      178 First come, first served
      179 No pain, no gain
      180 Never judge a book by its cover
      181 Many hands make light work
      182 Massage Therapy Rocks
      183 Your Body Deserves It
      184 Picture Perfect Massage
      185 Don’t settle for a black and white experience
      186 Customized Treatments
      187 I will seek and I shall find
      188 Massage Therapy Wave
      189 Hands Included
      190 Put your best foot forward
      191 Possession is nine-tenths of the law
      192 Revenge is sweet
      193 Get your health in focus with
      194 I‘ve Got Your Back!
      195 iPad Massage Therapy
      196 Massage Transitions
      197 No matter whether it rains or the sun shines
      198 The ONLY thing I will scan…
      199 When was your last massage?
      200 Knock, Knock
      201 Massage Therapy Retraction
      202 Pain Stops Here
      203 Shoulder Reflexion
      204 Are You Stressed? Are You In Pain?
      205 Wish You Were Here?
      206 Pillars of Health
      207 Greetings From Your Massage Therapist
      208 Mini Massage
      209 Rock ‘n’ Roll Therapy
      210 Hand Massage Ahead
      211 No Parking
      212 Massage is Everywhere
      213 Saving One Sole At A Time
      214 Sole 2 Sole
      215 Your Face Here
      216 Your Body Here
      217 It’s Your Move
      218 Massage Clients Kneaded
      219 You put your body through a lot
      220 EveryBODY Deserves Massage
      221 Opening a can of whoop-elbow
      222 Massage Clients KNEADED
      223 Massage May Induce Drooling
      224 Uff da
      225 Help reduce your carbon footprint
      226 Massage in Session
      227 Do Not Disturb
      228 Massage May Induce Relaxation
      229 Come In, We’re Open
      230 No Cellular Phone Needed In Your Massage
      231 No Standing
      232 Slippery When Massaged
      233 Must Be Worn
      234 Time for your kids to go back to school
      288 LinkedIn: Specials, Discounts and More!
      289 Google+: Specials, Discounts and More!
      290 Muscle Relief
      291 You Know You Want One
      292 Can You Feel Me Now?

      Massage Photos with Your Logo or Text

      Text or Logo on Massage Photos

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      Stock Videos – Without My Logo (No Additional Text or Logo Added)

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      No logo or text added to these videos.

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