1. Do you KNEAD stock massage photos to advertise your business?
2. Do you want to be SAFE from copyright laws (All the photos I have available, I photographed and the therapists/clients in them signed a release form)?
3. Do you want AFFORDABLE  massage photos (Most sites charge between $20-$50 per photo, and they also include a lot of restrictions in using them)?
4. Do you want PROFESSIONAL massage photos, without the clients head turned to the side, or a therapist with long fingernails?
5. Do you want no watermarks on your photos?
Well, you have come to the RIGHT place!
-Please allow up to one day for me to email you links to download your package/packages-

Stock Massage Photo Packages

Package #1: 800 px (10,000+ Photos) - Great for websites, social media and some forms of marketing.
Package #2: 1500 px (10,000+ Photos) – Great for editing/cropping, and most forms of marketing.
Package #3: Original (10,000+ Photos) – Great for editing/cropping, and everything else!
Package #4: All Packages (30,000+ Photos) – Everything you need, plus free updates for life!
100 px Previews  /  400 px Previews

*Smaller Massage Packages
-150 Sample Package of 800px 100px Preview
-400+ Facebook Cover Photos
Video Preview
-3,400 Massage Photos –
800 px High Quality Massage Photos Photo Previews
  /  Video Preview
-2,400 Massage Photos – 800 px Low Quality Massage Photos Photo Previews  /  Video Preview
*Click on this photo, to see the sizes in your browser (Once you open it in your browser, click it again to expand it to the full size).

*Individual Packages- No FREE updates when you purchase individual packages (You only receive FREE updates, when you purchase Package #4)

*Individual Photos: If you just want individual photos and don’t want the packages, it will be $5 per photo and send me what photos you would like (I will send you the original size of the photo), and I will send you a PayPal link to pay for them.

*If you would like captions on any of the photos you purchase, here is a FREE service online: