Massage Workshops in Copenhagen

While I was attending massage school in 1997, there were two things I NEVER wanted to do: Teach massage and own my own business (I ended up doing both).

Join me in Copenhagen for TWO workshops I will be teaching!

Social Media Marketing Workshop: In this class you will learn about the different social media platforms, how to market on each of them and tips and tricks on getting the most reach out of your content you post. The majority of the class will focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (others will be discussed).

eLearning for Massage Therapists Workshop: With technology evolving, eLearning is where a lot of education is heading. Chances are, if you’ve taken a college class recently, you’ve had to access information online or even taken an online class. You can even use eLearning to educate your clients. I will be talking about the many ways technology can enhance your massage practice and your teaching skills.

*Participants will receive a one-year 800px subscription to my massage photos when you sign-up for BOTH of my workshops (30,000+ photos).
*Class size is limited to 30 participants and payment is recommended in advance.
*You will receive a certificate for attending the workshops.
*Must have a minimum of 10 registered for each class.

Massage Workshops