4Why do you need a video to promote your business?

Well, with YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine (Google is #1), you need to be on there. Also, Google owns YouTube, so your video can show-up in the search results on Google.

With so many massage clients searching online for massages, YouTube is the place to be. Would you rather watch a video or read some text…video usually wins, unless if you are at work searching the web.

***Please allow up to three days for you to receive your video (it’s usually faster, but just want to be safe)

Custom Massage Video Options


Here is what I need from you:

  1. Logo or any photo (Send it to: Your finished product will be 1280×720 HD, so your logo should be no smaller than 1,000×600, but it can be any size larger than 1280×720). Landscape photo is ideal, but I can work with a portrait sized one.
  2. What 3 video clips would you like? Choose from HERE.
    Tell me what clips you would like, and from what video, and the time frame (example: Leg Massage Techniques #1 – 1:20-1:40…and do that for 3 clips).
    Please pick 10-20 seconds for each video clip
  3. Pick your song HERE
  4. Fill out this FORM
  5. My logo, and ads will not be on your finalized video…it will be 100% yours.
  6. Your finalized video will be around 30-45 seconds.


After I complete your 1280×720 HD video, I will send you a link to download it. You will get a chance to look it over, and let me know any recommendations before I complete your video (no extra charge). If your video needs to be edited 2 or more times, I charge $20 per edit.


  • If you want more options in your video, please contact me for prices.
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